Jet Washing


Our Services

Our vehicles are fully equipped to supply jet washing services to a large range of industrial and commercial sites. They are mounted with hot water pressure washing systems that are powered by diesel and on-board water tanks, which means when working on site we can do so entirely independently.

Good for the environment – high power jet washing uses only pure water and does not require any chemicals.

All of our jet washing operatives are fully trained in jet washing and the use of the units.

Our jet washing services cover the following areas, this is only an indication of the areas we are able to cover, for anything not listed, please call Danny for an informal chat –

Supermarket/Store cleaning

(building/carpark/bin store paving area/loading bays…)

Playground cleaning

(including wet pour rubber safety surface)

Industrial Park Cleaning

(including newly built units prior to handover)

Football Stadiums

(including pathways and car parks)

City Centre paving areas

Restaurant pathways and car parks

(including fast food drive throughs)

Hotel entrance cleaning

Bus shelter cleaning

General areas such as brick walls/car parks etc.


(designated smoking areas and entrances)


The jet washing of these areas will include –

Cladding cleaning

Chewing gum removal

Graffiti removal

Paint removal

Gutter cleaning

Mortar stain cleaning

Carbon soiling brick cleaning

Cleaning of algae, moss, mould and bird excrement